Ketamine Treatment for Depression

Some patients do not respond to antidepressants or rTMS or ECT. Ketamine treatment could help when the above had failed!

We offer low dose ketamine injections for depression as an infusion or through the intramuscular route. Studies suggest equal efficacy.

Its important to know that patients who are  treatment-resistant, intravenous or intramuscular ketamine therapy could provide relief.


Ketamine works quickly 

Antidepressants can take long to get beneficial results.Ketamine  therapy for depression is fast, sometimes in just a few hours, and provides significant relief from symptoms. Most patients show significant relief within 1-2 days of the second treatment.

Ketamine for depression can provide relief without and important unpleasant side effects of antidepressant drugs, which may include loss of libido and weight gain.

Ketamine  for mood disorders! I.M or I.V ?

A full course of treatment consists of a series of 6-8 injections that take place within 3-4 weeks with each treatment period lasting 40-45 minutes unless is given i.m (intramuscular) you will still need to be observed for two hours following the administration.

When treated with ketamine for depression, you are closely monitored by the experienced psychiatrist, Dr. George Mikellides. We use the right equipment to monitor your vital signs. You will be safe in pleasant environment.Short-term, side effects include nausea and fatigue, but these usually subside quickly.

Treatment with Ketamine, Facts:

Safest widely used anesthetic in the world and commonly used in young children.

Effectiveness of ketamine injections for the treatment of mood disorders and pain conditions has been reported by Yale University, Stanford University, Harvard University, UCLA , USC, and NYU.

At Cyprus rTMS, we offer the best possible care in cooperation with private hospitals and clinics. 

What Researchers say:

Researchers have suggested than ketamine could significantly relieve depressive symptoms. The Washington Post, many experts, such as Thomas Insel (former Director of the National Institute of Mental Health), call ketamine “the most important advancement in mental health in the last 50 years”.

Ketamine could help patients to get rid of feelings of despair and suicidal thoughts. 

Choosing Cyprus rTMS

At Cyprus rTMS, we provide ketamine treatment for depression in a pleasant environment.The staff is experienced and highly skilled. Your safety is paramount and it’s our priority. Dr. George Mikellides has the skills to tailor the treatment according to your needs. This individual approach can have a success rate of 80 percent among depressed patients.

Depression can seriously affect your life and the people close to you. 

Interest in our Clinic has been shown from Europe, Greece, Middle East, the Balkans, in order to receive treatment here in Cyprus.Overall we have treated patients from all over the world.

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A recent publication of our Centre on the therapeutic use of Ketamine

A Retrospective Naturalistic Study Comparing the Efficacy of Ketamine and Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Treatment-Resistant Depression.

Mikellides G, Michael P, Psalta L, Schuhmann T, Sack AT.Front Psychiatry. 2022 Jan 13;12:784830. doi: 10.3389/fpsyt.2021.784830. eCollection 2021.PMID: 35095600 Free PMC article.

A patient’s experience receiving Ketamine Treatment at Cyprus rTMS:

“As about the treatment overall ( so far) – yes, it definitely works. It gave me back my energy and drive, and gradually my positivity too. I am back to the world of the living, so to say, and not as a zombie version of me as it happens on antidepressants, but as some of the best versions of myself I ever remember. Yesterday’s experience will go a long way too, and I think one of the reasons this treatment can be very helpful with depression is that you can finally experience ( not only read or learn about) how distorted is the picture of reality your ruminating mind is creating. If we all live in the prison of our mind, that depression is a high-security solitary confinement. This treatment may be one of the keys to let you out.. “